Danielle deShaw – The C-Suite, Rogers TV
Dr. Georgette Zinaty talks about CCI’s Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI), and provides insights into how organizations can ensure they aren't just ticking the boxes when it comes to their diversity and inclusion initiatives, on the C-Suite show with Danielle deShaw.
The Brian Crombie Show – Canada One TV
Watch Dr. Georgette Zinaty in conversation with Brian Crombie on Canada One TV about the importance of having a vision, the importance of diversity and inclusion in senior management, and the future of leadership.
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  • Amy H.
    It was nice to hear the perspectives of other people. Someone pointed out that some SPs didn’t want to deal with women. I wasn’t aware of things like that happening so it’s a good insight to have. So instead of passing off the file, we should be educating the SP on why that’s not a good way of doing business.
    Amy H.
  • Samia M.
    It feels taxing to explain to those who don’t see it the same way. When someone asks to tell me about it, I don’t feel like it’s my responsibility to educate those who are wrong. With this, we can finally change the roles and I don’t feel like I have to be the one to educate just because I am coloured.
    Samia M.
  • Robert T.
    I’ve had multiple of these conversations and it’s the first time it has been useful. I have been in 8 or 9 of them and this is actually great.
    Robert T.
  • Jessica W.
    I appreciate that this was raw and honest and not censored. There are still a lot of people that do not realize that this is a big issue.
    Jessica W.
  • Veda D.
    I’m not the only one that feels uncomfortable talking about race and it’s good to know that there are sessions like this.
    Veda D.
  • Tessa D.
    One of the things that struck me was inclusivity and those small actions where you don’t realize that you’re excluding somebody. Even just sitting at the same lunch table and calling upon the same people, others might feel excluded. For me as a manager, just thinking about how I should include or how I may be excluding people without realizing it.
    Tessa D.
  • Jamar J.
    From this training, I think in the past, I know I don’t hold these biases so that just makes me “okay” and gives me the green checkmark and but there needs to be a next step. I think to myself that you shouldn’t be scared of this and you should push forward.
    Jamar J.
  • Seungho P.
    This has been very helpful to me, there are lots of things we need to incorporate but it is a good start to change your mindset and how others are affected by your actions.
    Seungho P.
  • Brandon C.
    We had guest speakers come speak to us, I found these really valuable, if we do it again next year, we can expect some changes.
    Brandon C.
  • Keisha J.
    Thank you so much for guiding my team on our first D&I session. I personally feel that you bring so much to the table in our discussions and I’m really looking forward to our next sessions.
    Keisha J.
  • Vivian L.
    Thank you so much for another great session today. I think an aha moment for me is that we all feel comfortable enough to say we are uncomfortable speaking about it which helps to connect us all and in turn help make us feel more comfortable to speak about.
    Vivian L.
  • Mark A.
    From the sessions, there’s a wide variety of experience so I think that was something I’m going to take away from this, just learning everyone’s experience and understandings.
    Mark A.